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Val and Jou collection founded by Mazor Klainman and inspired by her own little ones.

In 2015 when my first child was born i decided to craft her first blanket as agift of love and anticipation to welcome her into our lives and to make sure it will keep her warm and safe, cuddle her and offer her comfort and security in that very first year of her life. I chose the softest airy fabrics i could find and made sure the seams are tight and dence.

 During my maternity leave i crafted blankets for other moms who fancy such unique gifts for their new joys and through family and friends my home studio spread word to mouth.

In 2018 my second child was born and the search of finding both my kids comfortable and modern yet delicate and pure, organic and substantial clothing and toys became a real challenge for us...both time and budget wise! we took that challenge and made it our business- Val and Jou is a collection of clothing pieces handpicked from different suppliers in a very limited amounts combine with my own handmade accessories line of blankets, swaddles, soft toys and rattles with a little help from a small atalire that employees talented and gifted special needs people.

We hope you will enjoy our designs and be inspired.
With love from our family to yours.